150th Port Hudson 2013



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  A "War of Northern Aggression" living history and reenacting unit dedicated to preserving
our Southern heritage and culture, and representing the truth about the war.

2013 Battle of Baton Rouge video commemorated at Historic Magnolia Cemetery


I. Brigadier General John B. Smith, commanding Tenth Brigade Louisiana Militia, will, on reception of this order and without delay, order into active service the militia of the parishes of Rapides and Natchitoches, to rendezvous at some point below Alexandria, to be selected by him.
IV. Brigadier General John B. Smith will take the command of the forces and of the defenses of that portion of the State at Old, Black, Red, and Atchafalaya Rivers, and along Red River, and on the Atchafalaya and Black River. He will at once proceed to make selections of proper points for the erection of batteries, &, to prevent the ingress of the enemy into the interior or to harass him.

By order of Thomas O. Moore, Governor and commanding-in-chief of the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana State Militia, 10th Brigade is a non-profit, non-political organization; representing a historically correct Louisiana military unit of the 1860s.

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Thomas Moore / Henry Watkins Allen


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